Friday, September 7, 2012

Disney World Savings Plan and Vote for me {Please}

Before we get to the post for today, voting has opened for the Extreme Room Makeover!  If you remember, I entered my Craft room.  1/3 of the selection process is used by votes.  You are able to vote once a day, per computer.  If you would take a moment and vote for my room {or one you believe needs it more} I would be so grateful.  I am currently number 35{Although that could possibly change}.  You can do that, here.  Just scroll down to my number and click on the "star".  Thanks so much!!

Now back to the program....

My kiddos are getting to the age where it's time to start thinking about going to Disney.  My husband, nor I, have never been to Disney World.  So it's kind of exciting for us as well. 

We are trying to teach our kids that things do not come for free.  That you have to work hard for what you want.  And they are getting to the ages for chores, and lots of them.  So we have started a Disney World Savings Plan, by doing chores.

Here is how it will work.  They each will have chores to do each week.  At the end of the week, they will each receive $5.  I know how kids can be, especially mine, when it comes to getting money.  I decided to make it visual for them.  This way their money would be going somewhere for now, but they would know for what. 

I got a big empty container from a friend.  I needed it big because Disney is expensive, and it will take a little while of saving money to get enough to go.  It is a jumbo size Animal Crackers container from Sam's.  I cleaned it out, and took the tags off of it.

I had my mom cut some vinyl for me of Mickey and Minnie for the outside.  This way when they see the container with money, they will know it is for Disney.  They ask every day if I am putting money in there for their chores they have done that day.  So it may take a little while to get the understanding across to them that this will happen, by them, once a week. 

At $15 a week, it will take a while to save up.  But, we will get there.  And we will appreciate it so much more because of the time and hard work that went into us being able to go. 

Do you have any other tips on saving for a trip to Disney World?  I would love for you to share any tips or tricks with me.  Thanks so much!

I like to party at these awesome places.

Have a great day.
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  1. Join mouse savers, they a newsletter that comes out monthly. Also disboards.ccom is a great planning resource. I love love love Disney. We are going in January.

  2. We are taking a Disney trip this November. I have paid for the trip all through reselling. Most of my sells come from Ebay, but I also sell locally through Consignment sales, Craigslist and FB groups. This will be our 4th trip, but the 2nd time I've paid for it. You can check out my blog..however I'm horrible about updating these days. Good luck!

  3. That's an awesome idea, the jar is wonderful but the lesson about saving is invaluable, trust me I've worked in financial planning, it's a lesson that should be taught from birth.

  4. This is so fun! I LOVE it! I voted for ya! Good luck! I would love if you would share this at my Crazy Cute Party happening right now! I've got a totally awesome giveaway that you could win just for linking up! Come on over! ;D

    Between U & Me Blog

    Oh! And I'm your newest follower!

  5. I know the feeling, I did do a series on going to Disney with what I call "fake" money if you want to check it out, hope you can find a way to add to your fund!


  6. Great idea. We have a big bottle like this for our Disney trip savings. But no super cute vinyls to decorate. We collect cans and bottles for extra cash. I hope you reach your goal!

  7. This is so sweet! I love the idea! Such a great lesson for the kids. :)


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