Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work it out Wednesday {I DID IT!!}

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I did it. I completed The Warrior Dash! {Warning, heavy pictures to follow}
 I have earned my first Finishers Medal.

This is what I had to sign before starting.  It basically says that I may die, and my family will do nothing to them for it.  HA.

I wanted to take a picture of every.single.thing.  This is SO out of my "comfort" zone that it HAD to be documented well.  :)

This was before the race.  I was so nervous.  Trying to find every excuse not to do it.  The husband wouldn't let me, though.  Thank God for my pushy husband.  I don't know that I have EVER been so proud of myself, or felt so accomplished until the ending of this course.

Here is how it went.  The beginning was a one mile run.  I am used to running on pavement, and this was in fields.  The difference from running on concrete, and running in fields is HUGE.  I am not as far along as I thought in the cardio area.  It was hard. 

One mile in started the obstacles.  They weren't bad.  I would fly through them.  Even left the husband on most of them.  But he would always catch up to me in the runs.  Some of the obstacles were climbing walls with a rope, jumping over fire, low crawling under barbed wire, tire stepping, climbing over cars, and the last (hardest one) was crawling in neck deep muddy water with barbed wire above you, so you couldn't stand.  That one freaked me out.  Big time.  Seems as though I'm a little scared of not being in control.  Scary.

And I'm not going to lie.  As soon as I crossed the finish line, I lost it.  Yep, I threw up.  Luckily I hadn't ate in 4 hours by that time (Two hours drive time, plus an hour wait.)  It was just water than I had drank during the course.  The husband always says that when working out, if you throw up, then you know you gave 110% and maxed out your "fitness".  So I guess I did good.  The times came out, and I finished in just under an hour.  I was in the middle time frame for my age group.  I think I can deal with that.  But I would like to get better.
This picture was after I had "washed off".  As you can tell, we have red mud here in Tennessee.  Final verdict, will I do it again?  YES!  I need to work on my cardio some more.  But ultimately the "high" I had after the race totally outweighs the work that went into it.

It was a HUGE confidence booster for me.  I am very glad I didn't back out.  And I may be doing another one similar to this in a few months.  Checking out the details now.

I will update with the course pictures that were taken as soon as they become available.  As long as they don't look completely horrible.  :)

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