Monday, July 2, 2012

Aria in Wonderland Party

One of the main reasons I have been MIA around the blog lately is because I have been out of town for my Niece Aria's Un-Birthday Birthday Party.  Does that sound familier?  That's right.  We had an Aria In Wonderland Party.  If you follow me on Instagram {I'm totally addicted} then you knew I was working on a sweet birthday dress last month for my Niece.  Without further adu, here are some A LOT of pictures. 

Aria In Wonderland! It is not the best picture.  But once she seen the party, she didn't stop. 

The Decor.

My sis and I made these adorable table centerpieces out of $5 plastic teasets.  Tutorial coming soon.

Here is another picture of the teapot centerpiece.

I tied tulle onto all of the backs of the chairs.  We used pink, blue, and green for this.

We covered the kid tables in white paper so that the kids would be able to color while eating.  Too bad we forgot the crayons, but the kids loved tearing into their thank you gifts instead.  ha!

 Here is the food line.  I will be sharing more about that later.

Thanks so much for reading.

I like to party here.
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  1. awwww! what a cutie! i love those centerpieces!

  2. Cute party and lovely dress! Liz

  3. Wow! i would love to try something like this for my niece.thanks for sharing.

  4. Aww this is great! I love Alice in Wonderland. Your niece was so cute!


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