Monday, July 30, 2012

Flat Me/Flat Stanley Project

Happy Monday Friends.

I have met some amazing people while blogging the past year.  One of these include Andie Jaye from Crayon Freckles.  Andie Jaye is an amazing teacher to her little guy.  They do so many fun activities.  Last month Andie set up a Flat Me {Also known as Flat Stanley} Project.  A group of bloggers also signed up to do this with her, including me and my kids.

Andie set out project files that each child downloaded and colored their own "Flat Me", along with a travel journal.  All three of my kids were excited to decorate their own boy, or girl.  We also gave each one their own name.  I didn't get pictures of them before we mailed them off to their first stop.  I will update when we get them all back.  We then mailed them off to their first stop in another part of the World, which will mail them to another spot, and so on.  In all the stops each "Flat Me" will get to go do something with their host or hostess. They will take pictures, and update their travel journal with the story of their travels to that state.

There were a lot of participants and you can see the list, here.  We were  separated into groups of 4-6 kids and that is who my kids "Flat Me's" will get to visit with.  Here are some things that my kids have done with other's "Flat Me's" thus far. 

 The boy's took a few to Gymnastics's Camp last week.  They had a blast.
 Riley took her visitor to the splash park on our Military Post.

This was the second group that came to visit with us.  And we are very excited to get our next group.  When we receive ours back in the end, they will have friends all over the world. How cool is that!  Here are the main blogger's {and children} we will be sending and receiving from:
One Artsy Mama
Tiaras and Bowties
Mama's Little Muse
Train Up A Child
Kindergarten and Preschool for Parent's and Teachers

I will continue to do updates on our fun!  Have a great week.

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  1. i'm soooo glad that you're kiddos are having a good time! it's been an interesting project!


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