Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tasty Tuesday {Ribs}

Hi Friends! 

Today I am sharing a really easy Rib recipe that my family loved! Anyone can do this, seriously. I usually use this on mini cocktail sausages, but thought I would try it on ribs.

Here is what you need:
grape jelly

Get a pan that will fit your ribs. Lay out a piece of aluminum foil that will fit around your ribs and close. No one wants more of a mess to clean up, right? Set your ribs in the middle of your foil that is in your pan. Spread equal parts of mustard and jelly onto your ribs.

Loosly close your foil around your ribs. Place your pan in the oven at 300 degrees for 4-5 hours.  I like a slow, steady cook for ribs.

Let them cool, then eat!  Here is Luke, loving them.

And Kaleb was a huge fan as well.

I hope your family loves them as much as mine did.  I like to party, here.

Thanks so much for reading.  Have a fabulous day!

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  1. YUM!!! My dad makes incredible ribs with a dry rub. Hope you have a great 4th Christy!


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