Friday, July 20, 2012

Walkin' on Sunshine


Riley and I love to listen to music and dance during the day.  We also love the 80s chanel.  It's all we listen to.  A few months ago we started hearing I'm walking on sunshine all.the.time.  It became one of our favorites!  Since I am re-doing our living room (still)  I decided to make a wooden sign for our wall. 

Lucky for me my neighbors had a pile of wood to burn, and I wasn't afraid to ask to go through it.  HA!  Here is what I got...

I'm sure they thought I was crazy for wanting the wood that used to be a bench that went around one of their trees.  But I didn't care.  :) 

After a lot of sanding...a lot.  I cut some of the pieces into different lengths and put them together by attaching two boards along the width of the back.  One up top, and one at the bottom.  I painted it a bright blue, and with the help of my sisters good tracing skills had the letters drawn on to paint.  
I love it, and I smile every time I see it. 

I like to party over here.

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  1. that's the cutest thing! pinning it!

  2. Great project! Love the colors (and the quote).

  3. Very cute idea! Love it!
    ~Dori @

  4. Oh I love it too! How fun is that? Nice job!

  5. Adorable Christy! Love this so much, so bright and fun! Who cares what the neighbors think... I'm pretty sure mine think I'm nuts too!

  6. Very Very Cute! I'll have to show this to my sister-in-law. This will be right up her alley!

  7. What a cute project! Love the pops of color. Megan


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