Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Beauty

I have been super lazy busy lately so I have not had the chance to craft anything new.  So, why have I been so busy?  Pinterest of course!  Can't you just sit on there for hours and waste time??  Gesh!  Here are some of my favorite fall items I have found lately.  Hopefully I will stop being so lazy busy soon so that I can acctually make some of this instead of just pinning in! HA!!

I am not much for Halloween....but Fall, Fall I Love!!

How stinkin adorable is this for yard art?  I normall go toward the regular hay bales...but this year, I'm so doing this!

And what about these painted pumpkins? Perfect for me for fall decor, since I'm not much for halloween!

Use scraps up and make a pillow?? Yes, please!

I love how simple this next project it. And I can hang it on my old windows that are already hanging in the living room.

Last but certainly not least, how adorable is this shirt? I must make one for week.
Source: via Christy on Pinterest

So what do you think?  Are you LOVING that Fall is here?


  1. OK... it was hard to choose but top 3: pumpkin snowman, turkey shirt and the tree pillow. They are amazing! Great finds!

  2. Wow.... awesome ideas. My favorite has to be the one from Craftaholicsanonymous.


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