Saturday, October 1, 2011

Savings Saturday

So sorry this is going up late. I am having a yard sale today and it is kicking my bootay! That's a good thing, though. Less junk, more money! ;)

This week my score was at Rite Aid! Here is what I got...

I did two transactions so I will break these down for you.   I had a rain check from a few weeks ago on a sale for Nivea, and they finally had it in stock....which was perfect since my coupons were expiring that day! 
Transaction 1:
3 Nivea body washes - $14.00
Used 3 $2 off coupons
Paid 8. and some change
Received 3 $2 +UP rewards  (these are coupons that print after buying certain products)

Transaction 2:
2 pack suckers - $1
2 pantene - $8.00
M&M - 2.50
2 Snickers bags - 5.00
$6 +UP from previous transaction
2 FREE Coupons for Pantene (Mail)
$1.50 off on Snickers coupon
$1 off on M&M coupon
New total was FREE!
Plus, I received a $1 +UP from buying the snickers.

Total for ALL was $8
SAVINGS is $22.50 plus a $1 for next time!

I'm pretty happy with the savings.  What about you?  Did you save any this week?

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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