Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hooo Are You??

Well, well, well....It's time for a Hoo are you? :)
1. Do you sleep with the window open or the fan on no matter
what the weather is like?
Yes!  I have to have a fan on no matter what!  I love being cold, but cuddled with tons of warm blankets.

2. What is your favorite comfort food?
Chili for cold weather.....or a bag of chips if I am feeling sad/stressed.  Yes, I did say a BAG! 

3. Do you ever go to a chiropractor?
Nope.  I want to, though.  I have serious back paid a lot. :(
4.What is your most memorable Halloween costume growing up?
I was a black cat.  I don't know why I remember that, but I loved it.  It was a normal back shirt, black jeans, black flats, and I used eye liner to paint the "cat" face.  LOL  All stuff I already had.  :)
5.Do you prefer the sunrise or the sunset?
Sunset!  I hate being awake for the sunrise.  Ha!

Would you like to answer, too?  Head on over to Night Owl Crafting and link up!


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