Monday, October 24, 2011

First Craft Fair

I just know all of you have been setting on the edge of your seats to hear from me about my First. Craft. Fair.  OK, well, in all honestly it was a school's fall festival....who allowed booths of all kinds to set up for a fee.  So not "really" a craft fair....but the first thing I have done with stuff that I have made.  So, I'll call it a craft fair. ;)

Anyway, wanna see some pictures?  I know you do!  If not, sorry I gotta show 'em anyway.  Ha! 

Here is the full table.  :)  I still have a lot to making sure I know the size of the table so that my cloth FITS IT!  Oops.  I attached the pennant banners to the front to spruce it up a little.  I had a lot of things, but I will highlight a few and go over some others through the week, along with a few tutorials.

One side.  I used an old suitcase.  I LOVE that suitcase.  I wonder if I can talk my mom to let me keep it??  ;0) {Hint, Hint, mom}  This is holding wooden signs, ruffle scarf, t-shirt scarves, and camera strap covers.

These are some elastic lace bracelets.  They seem to be my big seller.  I sold two of them!  LOL  More on that later.

Remember the giveaway I won from Johnny In A Dress?  This is the shelf. :)  I still love it so!  I had scarves, hair bands, and flower clips on it.

I have a lot to learn with craft fairs.  For my first one, I felt good about it.  I think the table was cute, I like what I decided to share.  I paid $15 for my "fee" and made $15.  So, at least I broke even right?  Ha!  I only paid out $5 for some fabric to make the blue scarves, and everything else was made from my stash.  Not too shabby, I think.  I am not discouraged by this sale, I will be doing more.  I will just add to what I have, and branch out in what I make.  I think I may have had to many "accessories" and not enough options for all people to want.  I will add in some childrens clothing to the next one.

So what do you think?  Did  you like the table set up?  Do you think I have too much of one thing, or need to add someing inparticular?  Any info you have will help. :)  I would love to hear.

Thanks so much for reading everyone!  Have a great week!!



  2. Looks great to me! Craft fairs are kind of stressful but I do a few each year anyway!

  3. I love your set up so much! I just found you at Southern Lovely link party and I had to come over and read your post. I just did my very first craft fair about 6 weeks ago(it was at my daughter's fall festival too) and it was so much fun...but you would not believe how nervous I was to do it! In the end I'm glad I did it, it gave me a little more confidence.
    Your booth was super cute, and I would have spent so much there...and I probably would have asked if the suitcase was for sale!
    I am now following! Stop by when you get a chance...

  4. Very cute - thanks for sharing! My mom and I did our first last month and also broke even. We have been nervous to do more, so keep us all posted if you do another!!


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