Thursday, September 22, 2011

Riley the Artist

A few weeks ago I did a little "art project" with Riley for her room redo.  She loved it...and so did I!  To have these pieces of artwork on her wall that she did was amazing!  Don't you just love "homemade" artwork?  I do!

Well, I may be changing my thoughts about this little homemade art work. Ya see, lately I have been finding Riley's artwork all over the house!  No kidding.  Don't believe me??  Let me show you!

Oh and that is not all.  She is smart enough to do ALL OF THIS in her brother's room, not hers!  Isn't she smart!

Last but not least......

Did you know that Lysol Bathroom Cleaner will get off more than just bathroom scum??  Yep, with the spray and a little elbow grease it came clean.  Woot Woot!

Now, any ideas on how I keep Riley's artwork on ONLY paper and canvas?  HA!

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