Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Christmas Tree!

So sorry I have been absent this week.  It isn't intentional, and I didn't plan on taking a week off.  Oops.  Sometimes life just happens, and before you know it, you haven't had time to be crafty or get anything else done besides what has to be done. 
One thing I have done, is get our tree up!  I love looking at trees, and thought you might as well.  So, here ya go!  Our tree is fake.  I've never, in my whole life, had a real tree.  I like the ease of having it here and ready with lights on it.  That's the lazy side of me, I suppose.  Ha. 
I love the way it looks this year.  The whole family agrees it's the best tree we've done yet.  We chose to go with bright colors, snowflakes, and LOTS of glitter!  You can't go wrong with glitter, right?

See that small ladder at the bottom?  Be looking for a tutorial on that soon.  It's a new addition to our Christmas decor this year, in honor of all little elf's everywhere! 

Have a great day, friends.  See you soon!

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