Monday, August 6, 2012

Kids: Food: Farmer's Market

It's been hard getting my kids to try new foods lately.  They won't try it. Or say they have, when I know they haven't.  Or one says they don't like it so the other two follow with the dislike.  But, I have hope.  I believe I have finally figured a solution to this problem out. 

The Farmer's Market. That's right.  I took the kids to the Farmer's Market and told them that they could pick ANY new food that they wanted to try and we would eat it.  Here they are, happy to get started on this food journey.

Luke picked an Eggplant because he liked the color.  Ha..whatever works, right?  :)

Riley picked Apricots.  Can you believe none of us have EVER had apricots??  We haven't.

And Kaleb picked a mix of little tomatoes.  He likes tomatoes, but we had never seen so many colors and shapes.  It was pretty cool.  He ate almost the whole bunch the first day. 

Of course, a little sno cone doesn't hurt when your trying to bribe your kids into eating new foods.

I found out that they are much more willing to try something new, when they pick it out.  Watch for some new recipes coming soon on Tasty Tuesday!  The only thing we haven't tried yet is the eggplant, but everything else has been a hit.  If you have a go to recipe for eggplant, please let me know! 

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  1. What did you end up using your eggplant for? I used this recipe last week & Andy & I LOVED it...BUT the kids hated it...even ELI who will eat ANYTHING.
    A long time ago I made fries out of eggplant & the kids LOVED that. I don't remember quite how I prepared them but I do remember dipping them in egg & then in seasoned bread crumbs. I don't remember how long they were in the oven, or the temp. I think the kids liked them so much b/c they looked like french fries & they could dip them in ketchup...go figure! Let me know what you did with yours! I'm curious...I actually have one in the fridge right now! LOL! -Julie


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