Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pinterest Make Me: Container Garden

Happy Wednesday Friends!!  I have a great Pinterest post for you....or....I mean me today!  HA!  I NEED HELP.  I seen this pin on Pinterest.

Looks great, right?  A container of veggies and such.  Outside. not in the ground taking up space.  No having to weed eat around, or pulling weeds from. 

Well, it would be great if I had a green thumb at all.  I don't.  I kill everything I touch.  Seriously.  So, I need help.  I wanted to start small so I planted a cabbage plant in a container "garden".  It is in a big pot, by itself.  So I know it has plenty of room.  BUT, this is what it look like....

Seriously??  It's dying.  The leaves are already turning.  Do you have any advice??  Is there not enough soil?  Not watered enough possibly?  Too much sun?  This photo was taken at 530 in the afternoon, so it is getting sun literally all day.  Can anyone help?  lol 

Sorry this isn't a cute, fru fru post. HA!  Next week will be back to regular scheduled programming.....hopefully. ;)

Have a great week!

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  1. I have never grown cabbage before, so I'm not sure, but my first guess would be maybe over watering? That can rot the roots. But, it could be not enough water or not enough soil. Maybe even too much sunlight? Again, all guesses. But, good luck! I'm getting ready to plant some tomatoes in a pot next week.


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