Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Divergent" Library Book Bag

As I said in this post, I am now a book nerd!  I love reading, and it is overtaking my life.  I say overtaking my life, because I have now officially joined the book nerds who carry bags with their favorite book stuff on it. Yep.  That's me!  I am in love with the Divergent series by Veronica Roth.  If you haven't read them, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??  If you have, yea, I know, I'm cool!  ;)

The Divergent series has been my favorite that I have read so far.  The Hunger Games sucked me into the world of books, but Divergent has kept me there.  I have found myself going to the library very often, so i needed a bag.  It was an easy choice as what to put on one.  And very simple. 

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Here is how I did it.  I knew I wanted the Dauntless symbol on one side since that is the faction that Tris chose.  I sketched the symbol by hand with a pencil.  When I was happy with how it looked, I got out some of my DecoArt paints and painted it.   Really simple, right?

I couldn't leave the other side blank, so I sketched three sparrows on the back, then painted them in.  The three sparrows are also from the book, as Tris had gotten a tattoo of three sparrows.  Now I am all set!  No one has commented to me on it yet, but I hope they do.  I look for any chance I can to talk about this series.

If my new library bag isn't enough to convince you to read the Divergent series, maybe knowing it will be a motion picture in 2014 will be!  That's right!  Divergent has already been filmed, and will be in theaters in 2014.  I will totally be first in line. Told you, book nerd.  HA.

Do you have a library bag?  What are your favorite book series at the moment?

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  1. yes I love it! I think you're the first Divergent craft to appear in my link party and it makes me so so so so happy! Can't wait until Allegiant and the movie Thanks for linking it up to our Block Party


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