Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Guest (Kids) Bath Re-do

A few months ago we thought it would be our time to move.  My husband has been stationed at this one post his whole career, which has now been 13 years.  That is practically unheard of for the Army.  We are so blessed to not have to have worried about moving our kids around often, but also because we are still so close to our families.  So when we figured it was our time to move, I went through and made a list of things that would need to be done to make our house more "sell worthy".
Thankfully we didn't have to move!  But, I have still been going though with my list!  I started with the easiest/smallest room.  The guest/kids bathroom.  It is a very, very small room.  Straight and narrow.  My youngest starts kindergarten this year, and is a girl.  So I figured it was time to update the bathroom to look older.  And to make my guests feel a little more comfortable.  HA.
They didn't have a place to hang their towels and we desperately needed one.  The green shelving on the side was where they would place their toothbrushes.  And that was all the storage I could fit, besides the small closet that housed the laundry basket and towels.

I wanted to do a "quick" makeover since we were down to the wire with possibly moving.  So I looked for things that would work with the green paint that was already in there.

I found a fabulous grey shower curtain from Kohls, and a cute mustard chevron rug.  And that's where I began!  The shower curtain is from the Loft line, but I can't find it online now. 

I then went to TJ Maxx and found this awesome three basket metal basket that I put over the toilet, and the canvas abstract picture.  All that was left that I needed was the holder for their towels.  I found that at a local shop called Miss Lucille's Marketplace.  Total spent on this bathroom was about $75!  Can't beat that for a quick re-do.

Now, my question I crazy for leaving the green as the wall color?  Should I go ahead and paint it a different color?  What do you think?

I like to party at these places.

Thanks for reading!

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