Monday, August 19, 2013

Diamond Candle {Giveaway}

Happy Monday!

I have another awesome giveaway for you all today!  I love for my house to smell good.  I keep some kind of candle or plug ins going at all times.  I was recently contacted by Diamond Candles, and was SO excited to try out their product!  Diamond Candles is an Earth friendly candle.  Each candle is made out of soy bean wax, and their wicks are made of cotton also coated in soy wax.  Everything that is used for these candles are made in the US.

The smell is amazing!  I ordered the cupcake smell, and it smells so good.  It gives me the smell of cupcakes, without all of the calories.  ;)  I only have one candle, and it makes my whole house smell amazing.  The candle is so great that I can still smell it the next morning, even after it was not burning all night.  Amazing!

In addition to the great products that are used, and the amazing smell, there is also a rind that comes inside each candle.  How fun!  Each candle has a ring that is wrapped in protective foil so the wax will not harm it.  Another exciting thing about Diamond Candles is that each ring could be worth anywhere from $10-$5,000!  Whoo!  Once you burn the candle low enough to get the ring, you just pop the foil packet out and open it.

Here are a few pictures of my ring.  It is so pretty.  It's a nice, heavy, silver.  It has a beautiful stone, with smaller "diamonds" on one side.  And it fits me perfectly!

It looks like a ring that would come from JC Penny or Sears.  One of their nice "costume" jewelry pieces.  I would expect to pay no less than $30 for this ring at one of those stores.  I say that's an amazing deal.  You can't beat an amazing smelling candle, and a nice ring as a surprise!

So what do you say?  Would you like a chance to win one of these amazing candles??  Enter below!
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Good Luck!

*I was sent a candle of my choice for this review, all opinions are 100% mine.

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