Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Glitter Art {Craft Project Ideas}

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After months of not having a "crafting thought", I have finally made something!  It's small, but it has gotten my mind going again.  Months ago I got some things from Craft Project Ideas, so I decided to create something with them.  And Riley joined in on the fun, too.  Want to see what we created?  Of course you do!

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The Craft Project Ideas line can be found at your local Wal-Mart!

I started out drawing an R for Riley's room, then went from there and made some flowers.  I used pencil, and in the end you can see a little of the lines from that, so I suggest drawing what you want, then erasing it lightly so that you will be less likely to see the lines.  But for me, I didn't mind.  Too much.

I spread the glue out with a thin brush, then just dumped the color glitter on the space where I wanted it.  I would let one color dry, before moving on to the other color.  I did this to keep from mixing the colors.  In some spots I let the glue dry, and then re-applied the glitter to make it thicker.

Here is Riley working on her Hello Kitty page.

Let it all dry, and you have some glitter art!  Riley loved this, so I'm sure we will use this idea again, but maybe change a few things up next time. :)

I like to party at these awesome places.  Thanks for reading.

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