Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Book Review (Delirium Series)

I have found a new love!  Reading!  I have never been a reader.  But last year after watching The Hunger Games I couldn't wait for another movie to see what would happen.  So, I started reading that series.  Fast forward a few months, and I have so many book series read that I have surprised myself.

Since I have never been a reader, I wasn't sure where to go after The Hunger Games.  I missed those characters so much, I wasn't sure what to read to help that heartbreak that it was over.  Lucky for me, I found out about What should I read next.  I typed in my series, then it gave me a list of books I may like that are similar to The Hunger Games.

Since I was so lost as to what to read next, I figured others may be as well.  So, I am going to start doing some book reviews of things I read.  Here is the first!

Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver.  This is considered a YA (Young Adult).

This series is about a girl, Lena, who lives in a world where love is a "disease".  The Government has come up with a way to keep people from catching this disease by administering a medicine.  In addition to the medicine, that will be administered at the age of 18, people are also "matched" based on tests with someone to be their wife/husband.  They are told what jobs they will do, as well as how many children they are expected to have.  Lena believes in this world.  Until one day she meets a boy, and falls in love.  The only way to not be administered this medicine, is to go into the "wilds" and live freely. 

Pandemonium picks up with Lena in the "wilds".  Over time, she is drawn into the resistance where others have decided to take back their city's and government and prove that love is not a bad thing.  Lena's new life is hard, but she loves it.  Although she is not able to forget her loved ones she left behind.

Requiem is the last book in the series.  The resistance is larger than ever, and they are planning a huge attack on all of the major cities in the world.  Lena is brought back to where it all began with her choice to leave her life.

I have tried to keep the major points and characters out of the review.  I've never done one of these before, and I don't want to give away the good stuff!

There are in depth characters throughout the books.  There is love.  There is fighting.  There is heartbreak.  There is happiness.  And there are reunions.  My only complaint is the foul language that is used at times.

Overall, I loved this series.  I love how Lena starts off a young girl who knows basically nothing of the world, but becomes a fighter who stands for what she believes in at the end. 

If you have read this series, please leave a comment!  I want to talk about the ending so bad!  HAHA 

What book series have you read recently and loved?  I need more recommendations!

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