Monday, March 18, 2013

House To-Do List

This time every year my husband is "re-evaluated" in his Unit.  There are only so many positions for his rank to fill, and if there is not a spot for him then we will be told it's time for us to move.  We have been stationed at our current station for 11 years now, so if it's time to go you can only imagine how much "stuff" we have.  Oh my!!  So, I am gearing up and cleaning out TONS of stuff.  In addition to cleaning out stuff, I have also been looking at the house though a buyers eyes, and that list is just as long as the one to clean out.  We will be finding out about the possible move within the next month, so I have a ton to get done pretty quickly.

My solution to this list?  Put it up for the whole world to see, and hope that it keeps a fire lit under my tush to complete it!  HA.  I will be making a page at the top of my blog for my house to-do list, too.  I will keep it updated from there, with dates and links to the posts I do clearing off my list.  Sound like a good plan?  I hope so!

Paint Ceiling
Cover paneled walls
Back splash
New flooring
New curtain
New decor

Living room:
Crown molding
New flooring

Boys room:
Closet doors
Closet shelving
Ceiling light

Master bath:
Small floor shelving

Flower beds
Waterproof top for kids play set
Table for porch
Rug for porch

Riley's room:
Rod for closet
Ceiling light
Paint touch up

Kids bath:
Re-caulk tub
Fix shelf in closet
New decor
Towel hooks

I wish I could say that I will complete one room at a time, from top to bottom, but that will not happen I'm sure.  So you can be sure to expect tidbits here and there from the list. Sorry!

How do you tackle your house to-do list?  All the pointers I can have will help. :)

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