Friday, January 4, 2013

Sunglasses Case Tutorial

 A few months ago, right after my new wallet, I made this sunglasses case.  I figured I would do a tutorial for how I made this as well.  Just in case you want your sunglasses case to match your wallet also.  :)

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First you will want to measure your sunglasses.  All sunglasses are different sizes, so you can't really go for one straight measurement, I don't think.  Just cut your material a few inches larger than the length and width of your glasses.  You will want a outside piece, a lining for the inside, and some fusible fleece.

Iron on your fusible fleece to the back of your outside fabric.  Fold over width wise, and sew down the side and across the bottom, right sides facing.

Now do the same with your inside piece.  Folded right sides together, sew down the side and across the bottom.

Now you will turn your outside piece right side out, and slide your inside piece down into the middle of it.  Fold over the top of the inside piece to hide the cut edge of the top. 

Now fold that fold over on top of the outside piece, and sew around the edge.  This part is a little hard to maneuver on the machine, but it can be done. 
That's it!  Slide your sunnies into the case, and admire your work!  Super simple, right?  
Thanks for reading. 
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