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Divergent Series Review

The Divergent series by Veronica Roth is what started my full out reading obsession.  I found this series last year, and I flew through the first two books, Divergent and Insurgent. 


The series is based off of a World that lives in "Factions".  There are 5 factions, and each faction represents a certain character and job in the people.  Abnegation - Selflessness, Candor - Truthful, Erudite - Knowledge, Amity - Peace, and Dauntless - Bravery.  Every person belongs to a faction, and at the age of 16 the children are able to leave their current faction and join a new one if they like.

Divergent introduces us to Beatrice, who is the main character.  She is from one faction, and chooses to leave and join a different one.  There is family, friends, drama, action, and of course love.  The great thing about this book is....there is NO love triangle.  YESSS!!!!  Just a girl and a boy that fall in love.  That's pretty rare in books lately.  I laughed and cried during this book.

Have you seen my Divergent Library Bag?


Insurgent picks up where Divergent drops off, of course.  There are more characters introduced, more drama, fighting, and more love.  The characters are explored more, with more backstory added in.  It is just as amazing as the first book, Divergent.  I have read Divergent and Insurgent many times now.  I fell in love with these books.

Things get tricky with the last book, Allegiant.

Allegiant is the last book in the series.  It was just released this week, and I flew through it in a day.  I just had to know what happened.  I needed to see the happy ending because there is always a happy ending, right?  Not so much.  What I kept forgetting in the first two books is this.....they were in an uprising/war.  People are going to die, they have been through the whole series.  I don't wan to spoil anything, so I won't go into the book.  I will just say that I am not currently ok with how this third book was done.  It is Veronica Roth's books, so she can write it however she feels.  However, it felt too crazy.  So much was going on through the whole book, then we were supposed to be happy with the ending that really matters shoved into a chapter or two. 

I wish I could say that I loved this whole series, but I can't.  If you are looking for a great few books to read, please try out Divergent and Insurgent.  I HIGHLY recommend them.  I can't push Allegiant just yet.  I am going to re-read it sometime....not sure how soon it will be, though. 

UPDATE: After having a few days to process Allegiant, I have to say that I do believe it was a fine ending for the series.  A book friend of mine mentioned it may be a beautiful disater.....and I would have to agree with that now.  I am still heartbroken, but I would recommend reading it.

Have you read this series?  Let's discuss it in the comments!  If not, is there a series that was ruined for you on the last book?

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  1. For me it wasn't the ending that made me not like the book (although I of course wish it would have ended differently) I just thought that the book throughout went in way too many different directions and had too many characters personalities change to not fit with the first two books ( the biggest I'm sure everyone knows) and then that ending... I think it could have been a very worthy ending had it been made to feel more meaningful. It came across as unecessary and almost like VR just did it to do it. Also after the bombshell ending the whole book took a depressing tone. It left me just sad. I think her intention was to teach a lesson on sacrifice but the way it was written left you so caught up in grief that u don't get the idea of moving on finding hope or honoring the important sacrifices made. Overall I was very disappointed with allegiant. I know I'm getting long winded so I'm sorry! I just felt like it took the first two books and everything that mattered in them and said oh forget all of that. It's completely irrelevant let's have a whole new story that hardly even related to the series. It felt disjointed and left me very unsatisfied


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