Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A few weeks ago I pulled up to my house and realized that I couldn't even tell I had porch furniture. Our porch is more than half the length of our house. But I was not utilizing that space well at all. And our furniture that we did have blended into our house, so you couldn't even tell we had any unless you really looked. I took this first picture after I had added a few things already. Oops.
The only thing on our porch were the chairs.

First, I had to give them some color and pillows!  They could no longer blend in.

Next every girl needs her flowers, right??  I had a plain flower pot that I had gotten at the Goodwill months before, and new it would be perfect painted!  Let me just say, I PRAY this flower does not die!  I have no green thumb what so ever!  I have yet to keep anything alive, and I have bought flowers every year for three years now.  Sad, I know.

Tada!  I SO love it!  It jumps out at me now every time I drive up.  I see many, many nights out on the front porch with my love and kids watching them catch fireflies.  Or maybe just eating some fresh cut watermelon.  Can't you just imagine it?
*I have been asked what color I used on the chairs, it does not have a name.  I bought a can of paint that was "messed up" at the store.  Not that this will help, but the hubby calles it easter egg.  HA!

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  1. Very cute, love the color! Love the title too hehe

  2. I love your title, and your chairs and pillows look fabulous!
    I am a new follower!

  3. that's the cutest ever! i love that color! the chairs totally make a statement now! what a way to brighten up the outside of your house!

    thanks for linking up too!! :)

  4. hi christy. i just wanted to let you know that i've given you an award. check here

  5. Thanks so much ladies! I ooohhh and ahhh every time I pull in now! HAH!

  6. I love the title of your post. It made me smile. And I am diggin' the color you chose!

  7. Fantastic redo - those are some of my favorite coastal colors!

    Hi - Am your Newest Follower from the high heels blog hop! Nice to meet you!

    Love your creations - so talented - thanks for sharing and inspiring!

    Happy Saturday!
    beachside cottage

  8. Beautiful color on the chairs. Did you spraypaint them? What color is the paint you used. I love it :)


  9. I am SO glad so many people like it as much as I do! ;) Thanks so much for your kind words.

    I primmed the chairs, then painted then. The color I used was a "mess up" at the store, so it does not have a name. :(

  10. Love the color used- so summery & fresh! Hope you will show this off @ our weekend linky party going on! Happy Sunday!

    :)Kristi & Kelli

  11. It is so amazing what a little color does! I just love the transformation, such a bright happy space! Thanks for showing off!


  12. Fellow flower killer here,

    My porch is my favorite place to hang out when I'm home, and i just love the colors and feel of yours =)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. beautiful!! love the color of the chairs.

  14. I'm featuring YOU over in my {take a look at you} post today. Love your furniture re-do. It looks amazing. :) Thank you for linking up! Feel free to grab a featured button.


  15. I love the color looks similar to some I just got for the pantry at my house very nice!

  16. I {heart} turquoise! What a perfect way to freshen up those chairs.

  17. that bright turquoise is definitely porchalicious! great idea!


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